Increase donations during holiday season

Grow our digital network; increase awareness of our organizations and programs


Highlight corporate donors

Expose audiences to the impacts of mental and behavioral care programs

Show successes through patient stories


Content marketing strategy (10 blog articles, 4 videos, 3 events)

Email marketing

Social media distribution & management

Digital Doorknocking


Doubled website traffic in six months

32.44% increase in social media network

Increased holiday giving by 47.7%


Gain national attention as an organization prepared for a new health care paradigm


Demonstrate an organization prepared to embrace a new era of health care in our county


Online influencer network where POV can be expressed

Connect and build community of government and health care leadership

National political advertising – in print and online

Produced statewide cable TV program

Organized Custom events on capital hill

Results (pre/post campaign study):

67% increase in brand awareness among target audiences

Messaging helped move debate in favor of positive business direction for client

Community of 1,000s of influencers


The Central Ohio business community was unaware of Franklin University’s grad school programs and institutional competencies


Introduce and engage with the business community through edutainment-type events

Lift grad school faculty’s thought-leadership and relevance to industry professionals and potential students


Speakers bureau of graduate professors

Outreach to business networks, associations, gatekeepers

Organized and facilitated dozens of webinar and live events

Email marketing outreach to gatekeepers


Delivered hundreds of qualified leads to university

Established long-term relationships where deeper collaboration is taking place (e.g. MORPC; Jewish Family Services)


Increase the number of organizations engaged in Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s Operation Feed program, and educate leadership in the 22 counties that make up MOFB’s geographic footprint


Position food insecurity as a prolific issue in Ohio, touching 1 of 6 Ohioans

Educate communities on how hunger relief is administered throughout MOFB’s footprint


Campaign development –

Cable advertising ; Digital media

Community event sponsorships

Grassroots/grasstops effort with county leadership


Doubled the number of organizations committed to MOFB’s Operation Feed program

Secured over 20 civic proclamations recognizing September as Hunger Action Month

Our work received Platinum Honors for Integrated Campaign by the eHealthcare Leadership Awards organized by Strategic Health Care Communications, a national healthcare association dedicated to bettering healthcare marketing practices.


Show Medicaid Managed Care as ideal strategy for Ohio in offering Medicaid safety net services

Build coalition of statewide supporters


Statehouse influence

Statewide town-hall meetings/events

Real stories of Medicaid

Promote importance of doctor-patient relationship/healthy living


Web site with critical Medicaid tools

Online advertising

Grassroots advocacy

Event marketing

Collateral development & distribution

Provider outreach/distribution


Positive policies for Medicaid Managed Care pass at Statehouse

Over 600,000 “Get Your Well On” materials distributed to coalition partners

Governor makes Proclamation


Turn Ohio Chamber’s HR Academy program into a revenue generator


Position HR Academy as thought-leader in HR and employment law

Increase HR professionals and lawyers participating in HR Academy by eliminating pay-to-participate structure

Use participation gains to secure more sponsors


Content marketing strategy

Sponsorship packaging and pitching

Email marketing

Grassroots/grasstops outreach

Social media distribution & management


600% increase in HR Academy participation

Increased number of law firm sponsors from four (4) to twelve (12); $20,000 in revenue to $60,000

Launched a B2B sponsorship product


Stagnant membership growth and engagement in OSU CAR’s industrial consortia


Understand perceptions of current consortia structure and benefits

Introduce new pricing/benefits structure

Develop brand positioning and potential campaign theme


One-on-one interviews with current, past and solicited members

One-on-one interviews with internal leadership/staff

Quantitative study

Competitive review


Fully revamped membership structure including membership tiers

Identified new membership potential that wasn’t an original focus for OSU CAR (entrepreneurs & innovators)

“Deep on research. Deep on talent. Deep on insights.” positioning

Recommended marketing and sales strategy